Innovative Otolaryngology, PC

Dr. Joshua Rosenthal is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for ear, nose, and throat health concerns. He is dual Board Certified in both Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine, as well as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Born and raised on Long Island, Dr. Rosenthal, a caring and compassionate surgeon, is an active member of the Huntington community.


His Sinus Health Program is designed to produce relief from nasal congestion and sinus discomfort. Long time sufferers of chronic nasal congestion and sinus disease have obtained relief after treatment by Dr.Rosenthal. He was the first on Long Island to offer the newest, minimally invasive, incision-less treatment called Balloon Sinuplasty™ in the office, providing less risk, less pain, durable results and minimal down time.


As a Sleep Specialist, the doctor is able to help determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder keeping you from a good night’s rest.  Dr. Rosenthal can offer both medical and surgical options for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, providing you an innovative and personalized approach to help get you back to the refreshing sleep your body needs.


Dr. Rosenthal is well trained and experienced in minimally invasive surgeries of the head and neck. Certified in ultrasonography, patients can receive a diagnostic scan or even a fine needle biopsy by the doctor to determine the need for further treatment.  He has authored numerous publications involving the thyroid and parathyroid in major peer-reviewed journals regarding his specialized minimally invasive techniques. He performs these surgeries with amazing cosmetic results, leaving patients completely satisfied with their barely visible scars.

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