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Another less invasive sinus tool emerging

Here is yet another less invasive sinus procedure that may further benefit chronic sinusitis suffers.  From the website of SinuSys:  “The Vent-Os System incorporates the Company’s proprietary osmotic technology, which utilizes the body’s natural fluids to expand the insert. After the ostia are opened, the insert is removed. The low-pressure, gradual expansion and simplicity of the device are designed to make it compatible for use in office-based procedures under local anesthesia.”

This is unlike the current balloon technology that I utilize in the office under local anesthesia which utilizes a high pressure rapid dilation.  Currently, the pain profile from patient’s perspective is on average is ~3-4 out of 10 during the actual inflation.  This technology might provide an even less painful option.  FDA approval is pending.  It will be interesting to see if this has clinical benefits to current balloon dilation technology.

If video below doesn’t load click here [WARNING – graphic medical content]

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