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Rezaband reflux therapy

Is the end of acid-reflux in the throat nearing?

UPDATE: SomnaTherapeutics has received FDA approval for the Rezaband.  It now available.


A new non-medical, non-surgical option may soon exist for relief of throat acid symptoms (symptoms of hoarseness, feeling like something is stuck in throat, chronic cough for which the medical name is LPR, laryngopharyngeal reflux, or EES, extraesophageal reflux). I think this has potential to be a wonderful tool for ENT physicians to help patients if it works and is tolerable to wear.  If you suffer from these symptoms and require medical therapy, keep your eyes on this product for future approval.  A simpler non-medical device that is currently available which might help is a wedge pillow or mattress wedge.


From SomnaTherapeutics website:

“The Reza-Band™ UES Assist Device, consists of an adjustable comfort band attached to a frame with an ergonomically designed cushion and is externally applied around the neck. A person will most often wear the Reza-Band™ at night while sleeping. When the Reza-Band™ is worn, the cushion is placed over the Upper Esophageal Sphincter area (UES), which is right below the Adam’s apple or laryngeal prominence.


The normal pressure within the UES is 40-70 mmHg. During sleep, the UES muscle relaxes. For LPR/EERD sufferers, the UES relaxes too much where the pressure falls below 20mmHg. Most reflux events occur when pressure is below 20 mmHg. The Reza-Band™ is designed to apply a small amount of controlled external pressure by compressing the UES between the cricoid cartilage and cervical vertebrae, thus preventing reflux into the larynx, pharynx and lungs. Patients that have LPR/EERD controlled have been able to reduce or avoid acid-reducing drugs, sleep lying down for restorative health, significantly lower their costs, and enjoy much better symptom relief from this serious form of acid reflux.”

Foam Wedge for Acid Reflux

Resource update: Wedge treatment for acid reflux

Check the update on the Resource Page!

Many of my patient who suffer from acid reflux affecting the throat (LPR or laryngopharyngeal reflux, AKA extraesophageal reflux) have a slow improvement with medical therapy.  Symptoms of chronic cough, hoarseness, and feeling like something is stuck in throat are common complaints from this disease.   Treating acid reflux and sometime allergies helps these patient.  Simple behavioral components such as a wedge pillow or wedge under the mattress can help.  Patients are often asking me where to get these.  Find a few highly rated ones now listed on the Resource Page under acid therapy.

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