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First in L.I. for New In-office Minimally Invasive Technique!

Once the first on Long Island to perform in-office intranasal balloon sinus dilation, now Dr. Rosenthal has done it again! He’s the first in Long Island to use a new minimally invasive tool to perform ethmoidectomy in the office.  In conjunction with local anesthesia to perform balloon sinus dilation in the office, this device addresses the ethmoid sinus which can not be “ballooned”.  The Relieva Circa by Acclarent, makes a perfect circular hole into the ethmoid sinus, similar to a paper hole puncher you may have used before, allowing the sinus to drain easily again.  It uses the least amount of cutting and provides a precise cut without dangerous powered instrumentation that is generally used to accomplish the same goal.  Now, there is no sinus that can’t be reached in the office under local anesthesia!


The following graphic shows what the device does to the ethmoid sinus:

minimally invasive ethmoidectomy

This device is similarly tolerated as is balloon sinuplasty.  The patient is hardly bothered by it!


If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, come and get evaluated to find out if this procedure might be right for you!


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