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Free AASM apps teach children about the value of sleep

From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine website:


“The AASM has developed a series of kid-friendly apps to  help children learn about the importance of sleep. The free apps – I  See the Animals Sleeping and The Animals Sleep – are  available to download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Compatible  with most tablets, including the iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets,  these apps are perfect for children in your home or waiting room.

Both apps let children read the stories at their own pace or choose  to have narrator read the story. Adapted from the AASM’s hardcover  children’s picture books, the apps also include a coloring book,  puzzle and quiz game to make learning fun.

Help the AASM educate children about sleep by reviewing our apps on  iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Your reviews will make it so more people  can discover the apps and learn about the value of sleep.”


I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime  Story uses richly detailed illustrations to show children the  different sleep habits of animals around the world. Sleeping animals like  the tiger, sloth and platypus will spark childrens’ imaginations and  inspire an interest in sleep. Optional sleep facts complement each page to  educate children about sleep.Download: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon
The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of  Biomes is a watercolor illustrated journey through the diverse  environments where animals sleep. This app explores the oceans, deserts  and bedrooms of the world to teach children about the importance of the  perfect sleep environment.Download: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon

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