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Is this the new look of allergy treatment?

Is the end of nasal sprays near?  Will light therapy prevail?

Allergia Phototherapy Device

While it looks like a space age laser, Allergia Medical’s new device uses light therapy to treat allergies.  The photodynamic therapy using red light for 6 seconds per nostril daily was tested in a pilot study of 14 patients.  There was a 31% improvement in patients’ “Total Nasal Symptom Score”, a validated questionnaire to help rate congestion and nasal allergy symptoms, in addition to no side effects being observed.

The image shown above is a prototype and will likely be improved.  The photodynamic therapy works by:

  • Reactive oxygen species in blood are suppressed after illumination possibly as a result of activation of superoxide dismutase or of catalase
  • Visible and IR light cause changes in Ca2+ transport
  • Allergic symptoms are largely dependent on oxygen radical formation and Ca2+ mobility
  • Suppresses the effector phase
  • Results in inhibition of histamine release and activity of neutrophils, eosinophils and mast cells


Comment below if you would prefer a nasal light therapy over a pill or nasal spray.

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