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National Sleep Apnea Awareness Week 2016

March 6-13th is National Sleep Apnea Awareness week.  Take a minute to ponder the quality of your sleep.  Realize that your ability to actually sense how poor your sleep is impaired.  Research has shown again and again that executive function is impaired despite the studied patient’s claims that they were functioning well.  With that in mind, re-examine how  your sleep really is…


Do you need caffeine?  Do you fall asleep in seconds?  Are you really refreshed and energized when you wake up?  Are you fatigued?  Do you snore?  Are you overweight?


The signs may not be as rattling as you might think.  Almost half of the patients with sleep apnea aren’t considerably tired actually.  Many I diagnose are quite surprised with the results of their sleep tests.


Realize that the environment and light you allow are having a dramatic effect on what happens when your head hits the pillow.  It might be time to rethink everything.  Feel free to come in for an evaluation and find out how to make 2016 the year that you “awake” to the truth!

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