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Serenity System Tinnitus Treatment

UPDATED: New treatment for tinnitus around the corner?

Those suffering from tinnitus are often desperate for a solution.  Hence, the reason why there are so many radio commercials advertising vitamins with lipoflavinoids to help “cure” ringing in the ears.  While lipoflavinoids have been shown to stabilize neural membranes, they have not been shown to be the cure for these patients.  Enter Microtransponder, a UT Davis spinoff company, researching a potential new treatment, Serenity System.


After an implantable neurostimulator device on the vagus nerve in the neck is performed, the Serenity System software therapy sessions with headphones can “re-train” the brain to essentially ignore the sounds of tinnitus.


Here is a video from Microtransponder’s research partner, UT Dallas, describing VNS for Tinnitus.  (NOTE: There are high pitched tones played in this video)

Keep your eyes out for updates on this interesting technology.  But the question remains, if you have tinnitus would you actually be willing to have surgery and an implanted nerve stimulator to treat it?
UPDATE: The NIH study has launched.  Volunteers are being recruited for testing this technology in a clinical trial.  The centers include the University of Texas at Dallas, University at Buffalo in New York and the University of Iowa. A fourth center will be announced later.  Further details of the clinical trial for tinnitus treatment and information to possibly sign up can be found here!

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