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Non-pharmalogical insomnia therapy that works

Chronic insomnia is devastating to one’s life.  Turning and thrashing in bed as time ticks away and frustration builds is a nightly routine for many.  While medical therapies can help, non-medical behavioral therapies have been shown in research to work better in the long term.  Combination of medical sleep aids with this therapy can sometimes be helpful as well.  If you suffer from difficulty falling asleep or maintaining staying asleep and it is affecting your daytime activity/routine, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi) may be of benefit.

Dr. Gregg Jacobs’s program, developed and tested at Harvard Medical School and based on cognitive behavioral therapy, has been shown to improve sleep long-term in 80 percent of patients, making it the gold standard for treatment. Find it at the links below:

Print copy on left.  Kindle version on right.

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