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Patient Testimonials

[Regarding Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy by Dr. Rosenthal]  “I am a 23 year old female who had a parathyroid adenoma that was removed by Dr. Rosenthal. As soon as I met Dr.Rosenthal I knew I was in good hands. He was confident and explained to me everything about the procedure I was going to get. He even had the patience to answer any questions that I had without feeling rushed. After my surgery I got a phone call the next day seeing how I was feeling . What doctor does that? I was totally blown away. I am now 2 weeks post op I’m feeling good and my scar is so minor. You can tell it was done with perfection! I have friends and family even saying “wow I can’t believe how wonderful your healing and your scar is so small.” Whenever I hear that I smile because I know what a great job my doctor did and It’s true I’m healing so well. I have to give the biggest thanks to Dr.Rosenthal. I was nervous the day of going into this procedure but when you have faith and trust in your doctor it means a whole lot! He is wonderful! Thank you Dr.Rosenthal for everything you have done for me!!

  • from on March 9th, 2016


[Regarding in-office Balloon Sinus Dilation by Dr. Rosenthal]  “Have not had congestion for the first time in years!!  Did not have to be hospitalized for pneumonia like the past 3 winters.  No more post-nasal drip and constant coughing.”

Balloon Sinus Dilation results

Balloon Sinus Dilation results

  • Six weeks after minimally invasive sinus procedure by Patrick Rimmer on March 11, 2016


[Regarding in-office fine needle aspiration of the thyroid by Dr. Rosenthal]  “Dr.Rosenthal was very professional and eased my anxiety.  The procedure was painless and accomplished quickly.  I applaud his manner and sense of humor too!

  • immediately after thyroid needle biopsy by Fern M. Hawkins on October 20, 2015

“Dr Rosenthal is the Best! I suffered a fracture to my nose & saw 3 different physicians. Two Otolaryngologist (ENT) & one Facial Plastic Surgeon. I finally found Dr Rosenthal , who offered the most accurate & sound medical advice as well as a compassionate demeanor (he goes the extra mile for his patients). Dr. Rosenthal’s knowledge and experience combine with common sense; which can sometimes be sadly lacking in a Doctor/Patient relationship. Though I was anxious, I went ahead with his recommended surgical procedure at our local hospital. It was far less invasive than what was proposed by the other physicians. I can now breathe(!) and still have my original nose (which I actually wanted to keep!) Dr Rosenthal is the best. He truly cared about my well-being . He listened and understood my unique and individual concerns, and addressed them appropriately. I am so happy with my results . I offer Dr Rosenthal the highest recommendation, from a patient who waited an entire year to choose!”

Clearly, Dr. Rosenthal was born to do exactly what he’s doing. From our very first meeting, he inspired my confidence. He performed a parathyroidectomy on me about nine months ago, and it has healed beautifully. I cannot overstate his competence. He leads with the curiosity of a scientist, yet also has a terrific bedside manner and sense of humor. I never felt rushed, and I always had all of my questions answered very clearly. I wish all of my doctors were such a pleasure to deal with!

  • from by Cecily Frankum on Jul 21st, 2015

[Regarding in-office balloon sinus dilation under local anesthesia by Dr. Rosenthal]  “Before Dr.Rosenthal performed a sinuplasty, I had difficulty sleeping, breathing, and frequent headaches.   Since the sinuplasty, my sleep has improved and I do not wake up with nasal congestion or difficulty breathing.  I no longer wake up with a headache.  It has been very helpful.

  • Two weeks after Balloon Sinuplasty by Carole A. Valente on December 18, 2014

[Regarding restarting a previously failed treatment of Sleep Apnea by Dr. Rosenthal]  “Amazing does not even describe the effect of the CPAP.  I am awake 2 hours earlier, don’t take any naps and feel great.  Now it seems like a normal life with energy that I thought would never return.  This is motivating me to start losing weight and eating better.  I am looking forward to seeing my life improve in many more ways.

  • three months into re-treatment by Robert Aquilla on August 8, 2014

[Regarding thyroid surgery performed at Huntington Hospital]  “My surgery experience with Dr. Rosenthal was fantastic.  He is very clear and thorough in all my visits I had with him.  He spends the needed time with his patients.  He is very caring.”

  • three months after surgery by Anna Foggia on April 15, 2014

[Regarding hybrid sinus procedure involving both traditional sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty with the use of PROPEL stents performed at Huntington Hospital]  “My expectations were not only met, they were surpassed for sure.  I was unable to breath through my nose for 25 years.  Today, both nostrils are completely open and clear, and I am able to take a full breath without opening my mouth.  That to me, was worth it all.  I am very happy I had the sinus surgery done, and for the record, I am not a ‘doctor lover’ and I am a very hard person to please.”

  • two weeks after procedure by Michael Hassett on April 15, 2014

[Regarding thyroid surgery at Huntington Hospital]  “From a very complicated medical history, surgery with Dr. Rosenthal was the easiest experience that I’ve ever had to go through.  Everything he explained both pre-op and post-op was exactly on the mark.  The day after surgery, not the hospital staff, or Dr.Rosenthal’s staff, but Dr.Rosenthal himself called to see how I was doing.  That made the experience even all the more personal.  A+ doctor.”

  • three months after procedure by Eileen Burns on April 10, 2014

[Regarding In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation]  “Thank you Dr. Rosenthal for performing the balloon sinuplasty!  I am thrilled with the relief of no longer being a slave to my nasal spray and tissue packs!  I feel like a new person!”  Below is a graph of her scores before and six months after the procedure from the Sino-Nasal Outcome Test, a validated questionnaire which rates the impact of chronic sinusitis on your life.  Higher scores indicate the sinusitis is causing impairment on your quality of life. Improvement After In-office Balloon Sinus Dilation

  • six months after procedure by Jill Dara on Mar 27, 2014

[A patient with Mild Sleep Apnea / Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome regarding nasal valve reconstruction and surgery at Huntington Hospital]  “I have been trying to solve my sleep problems for over 10 years.  I used a CPAP machine, which was minimally successful.  I then had a mouthpiece made – that was also minimally successful. I then saw Dr. Rosenthal who realized the problem was probably being caused because I had very narrow nasal passages.  He recommended nasal valve reconstruction and turbinoplasty – minimally invasive surgery to open up the nasal passages.  I feel like I have finally gotten the sleep my body so desperately craved for years.  I experienced no pain or negative postoperative effects.  I did however wake up the next day feeling like a completely different person.  After years of sleep deprivation, I now wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  Before this surgery I would wake up feeling exhausted.  I would recommend this procedure and Dr. Rosenthal to anyone suffering from lack of sleep and/or sinus problems.

  • one month after procedure by Nancy Haas on  March 18, 2014

[Regarding thyroid surgery at Huntington Hospital]  Dr. Rosenthal and his staff did a fabulous job on my thyroid surgery.  I highly recommend him.” 

  • one month after procedure by Jason Haselton on Feb 4, 2014

[Regarding In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation]  The next morning my headaches, sinus pressure, and ‘cloudiness’ were gone.  I felt like a new person.  I really woke up feeling great.”

  • one week after procedure by Vincent Carlson on Jan 30, 2014

Dr. Joshua Rosenthal is highly professional and a compassionate human being. He is a credit to the NSLIJ hospital system. I have undergone surgery in Manhattan hospitals and been treated with indifference by alleged ‘world class’ surgeons. Not so with this practitioner. The doctor inspires confidence from the first office visit. Recently Dr. Rosenthal diagnosed an anomaly and last week performed my thyroidectomy. He realized I was nervous about the procedure and contacted me before and visited after the procedure to ensure my wellbeing. Highest praise for his proficiency,caring and ability to treat the ‘whole person’.

  • from by D. Ryerson on Nov 14th, 2013

I met this doctor on a Tuesday, and immediately impressed with his expertise and compassion. Two days later he met me in the emergency room to help stop a gusher of a (chemo related) nose bleed. He not only fixed the nose, he helped to calm me down, as I was quite hysterical. Dr. Rosenthal could give lessons on how to talk to patients, as he is as compassionate as he is competent.”

  • from by Robin Schapira, CSW on Sep 11th, 2012

An incredibly gifted doctor who is always a pleasure to visit. All doctors  should be like him!

Dr. Rosenthal is the best doctor I have ever been to.  He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about what I thought was going to be a difficult and painful procedure.  He had to take a biopsy of a nodule on my thyroid gland.  He  numbed the area and I felt no pain!  He is very funny and took my mind off of what I was going through.  Great Doctor! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rosenthal

Unbelievable.  He was able to diagnose me when numerous doctors were unable to  for months.  His knowledge and bedside manner are so wonderful it cannot be put  into words.

The best doctor I have ever gone to. His office was always polite, they always worked to get me an appointment around my work day. He was the only doctor to listen to me, and treat me with respect. I think he is really what more doctors should be like.

He is the sweetest best doctor.. We went into emergency with my son spewing  blood, from a tonsillectomy that Dr Dash did, and he immediately help us, and  was great explaining everything and was very patient with my son.. He was a god send.


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