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Sing away your snoring

Could voice lessons or joining a choir help you or your bed partners snoring?  A new study from the UK says so!  Singing teacher Alise Ojay teamed up with an otolaryngologist to investigate this claim after one of her students noticed improvement in snoring.  She developed a program to help strengthen muscles in the throat with singing exercises, thus preventing the collapsing that occurs to create snoring.  At the end of the trial, the daily singing exercises reduced the severity, frequency and loudness of snoring, and improved sleep quality in participants who were randomized to this intervention.  The other group was randomized to no intervention and, not surprisingly, had no such improvement.  This finding is not so new as previously published data showed that didgeridoo playing has been shown to help with sleep apnea, another throat muscle improving activity.  Keep in mind, this is no quick fix for snorers, as the participants completed a 3 month period of singing to achieve their results.  However, this may be an option for those who wish to reduce their snoring without more invasive procedures. I could find no mention of sleep apnea improvement in the published paper.singing

She offers this CD set on her website, and I have contacted her and encouraged her to offer it as a digital download on amazon or iTunes.  Stay tuned.


Would you try this?  Have you tried this?  Please give us feedback, sleepless spouses are awaiting your comments!

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