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Nerve Tongue stimulator for OSA

Small implant… big results for Sleep Apnea?

A Belgian-Israeli firm, Nyxoah, has applied for multiple patents for a new type of tongue stimulating implant to treat sleep apnea without hoses or masks. Current products in final stages of FDA approval involve a neck incision to place a special electrode on the nerve that pushes the tongue forwards as well as an electrode to measure respirations by the chest, all connecting to the brains in a small pacemaker sized package buried in the lower neck/upper chest. While there is not currently a device approved, initial studies show great promise. This new implant is smaller and only requires implantation on the tongue itself. The controller is placed over the neck skin under the chin and not implanted. It claims a smaller surgical time and much longer battery life. Will this be the next great thing in OSA?

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