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Z1 smallest CPAP compared to iPhone

Smallest most portable CPAP ever?

Finally CPAP travelers rejoice!  While many sleep apnea sufferers are traveling. The size of the CPAP machinery often makes it difficult.  No longer will that be the case!  Human Design Medical of Boston Massachusets has redesigned CPAP down to its smallest size ever, called the Z1.  It’s very quiet and weighs only 10 ounces.  Add to that the fact that they made a battery pack sleeve to give you an 8 hours of treatment without an outlet, and you have the travelers CPAP dream machine.  It has been approved by the FAA for in-flight use so you can get that nap you need on a long flight. It retails for $595 and can be purchased on the company’s webstore with an additional cost for battery pack.  Worth the investment for some, even if not covered by insurance or you already own one.

Z1 CPAP Smallest

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