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Most forgotten item on kids back-to-school list!

We are often bombarded with a list of items necessary for the back to school rush. Books, folders, rulers, pencils and other assorted goodies fill our basket. Getting all of these items from the nearest store before supplies run out seem like the most important task. However, the most forgotten item on this list is resuming the kids’ school sleep schedule. Often times, we allow later bed and wake times over the summer, making the first day of school a “rude awakening”. To prevent this, gradually return those times to the school-time routine, making bedtimes and waketimes slightly earlier beginning two weeks before school starts. Making small adjustments will make their transition to school smooth and efficient. For those with teenagers, enforce “quiet” time before bed. Limit loud music and television, light exposure and try to get more relaxing activities such as reading to ready their minds for sleeping.

If you are uncertain about how much sleep time your child should be getting, please refer the National Sleep Foundation guidelines:
NSF sleep recommendations for age

Have you started returning your child to their normal schedule yet? Are they getting the sleep that is recommended? Please sound off!