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End the noise! Protect your hearing!

Did you ever wish you could step into a sound proof booth?  Would you like to make your snoring spouse disappear?  Is the wedding music boring into your brain?  If you’re like my patients, you have probably had one of these wishes.  If you have been told you have hearing loss and want to protect your ears from unwanted noise or if you have normal hearing but want to quiet obnoxious sounds, you should consider investing in some ear plugs to help.  Generally, ear plugs come in two flavors: noise protection and water protection.  The water protection variety are often putty or a rubberized “tree” and the noise type are spongy and compressible.

Often, the biggest problem in noise reducing ear plugs is having them when you need them! Therefore, while most companies make a bullet shaped earplug, I have recommended to many patients the flat type that roll-up into a bullet shape.  This allows you to keep them in your wallet or purse, available in a moment’s notice!  These may not always be found in your local pharmacy, so here are good quality ones from MACKS available on Amazon.com:

4-count       12-count          Standard