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Vent-OS gentle dilation minimally invasive sinus system cleared in US

In a previous post, I mentioned another minimally invasive sinus dilation tool.  It has now been cleared for use by the FDA in the US.  The Vent-OS takes balloon dilation to a gentle place.  By allowing slow dilation over an hour, the company proclaims it is less painful and better tolerated by patients.

Sinusys VentOS Sinus Dilation System

The question is really the utility of this device.  Its current clearance is for the maxillary sinus and does not address any other sinuses at this time.  I’m not sure how helpful this is in the clinical setting, whereby there are multiple sinuses that need to be addressed.  Also, in my experience, I perform balloon sinus dilation in the office under purely local anesthesia.  I, unlike some others in my field, have not felt the need to add anxiolytics and other drugs which may add risk to the procedure.  Will this system be just a one trick pony with limited use or will it develop into other products which will allow the clinician to address other sinuses like the balloon tools currently available?  Only time will tell.




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